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AC Motors
AC Induction Gear Motors Nema 56 Resilient Base AB Blower Motor
DC Hydraulic Pump
DC Hydrualic Pump Motor - 56 Frame MP10 Motor/Pump Packages - 42 Frame
Elevator Machines
Gearless ACPM Gearless DC Machines Geared Machines
Elevator Motor
Gearless AC Machines Gearless DC Machines AC Hoist Motors Single Speed VVVF AC Hoist Motors 1 & 2 Speed Relay Control Flange Motors DC Hoist Motors Motor Generator Sets AC Submersible Hydraulic AC Dry Hydraulic Universal Escalator Motors
Elevator Components Parts and Accessories
Flexible Coupling and Adapters Elevator Machine Accessories
Gear Boxes
Planetary Brush Drive Gearbox
Planetary Brush Drive Gearbox
Gear Motors
66 Frame Gearbox BMC133C BMC153 BMC200C BMCW172 BMCXPR Dual Right Angle MC200C Offset Gearbox - Frame 56 Offset Motor/Gear Reducers - 42 Frame
Permanent Magnet Motors
66 Frame Direct Drive Motors DC Motors - 42 Frame Direct Drive Motor - 180 Frame Hazardous Duty Motors Low Speed Direct Drive - 56 Frame Low Voltage Drive Motors - 66 Frame Permanent Magnet Motor - 56 Frame Power Reel Motors Specification Application Motor - 56 Frame
Single Wheel Drives
Chassisdrive 300 Chassisdrive 250 Chassisdrive 14
Model 244 Model 278 Model 318 Heavy Duty Model 318 Standard Duty Model T523
Vacuum Motors (AC/DC)
Peripheral Motor - Wet/Dry Tangential Bypass - Wet/Dry Through-flow Motor - Dry Air Only

Imperial Electric Elevator Traction Machines Brochure

Imperial Electric Elevator Motors Brochure




  • Floor Scrubbers
  • Low Speed Scrubbers
  • Dual Speed Scrubbers
  • Wheel Drive


  • Ratios of 11:1, 10:1, 8:1, 7:1 & 6:1
  • 1, 2 or 3 Planets to match your work load.
  • Motor endplates for all major motor manufacturers in 56 & 66 frame.
  • All units incorporate hunter tooth design for long life and quiet operation.
  • The sun gear or “pinion” is heat treated and has the largest bearing journals in the industry.
  • Up to 10 top quality roller and needle bearings in each unit. No bushings.
  • All of our planetary gearboxes carry a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. History shows claims constitute less than 100 PPM or .01%
  • Producing some 50,000 units per year allows us the flexibility of accommodating short cycle delivery requests along with your regular release schedule.