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Imperial Electric Elevator Product Line


Imperial's gearless machine consists of a slow speed DC motor, brake, sheave, and pedestal bearings mounted on a fabricated base. The motor is designed for 230% of rated current at 70% rated speed, frequently repeated.

The motor field can be forced for acceleration or deceleration. Class "B" insulation and 50ÂșC rise is standard. Standard lead locations are bottom.

The brake is spring-set, electrically released, and may be adjusted to a stopping or
holding torque of up to 150% of the rated motor torque.

The traction sheave can be supplied with up to twelve "U" or six "V" grooves. Standard sheave diameters are 26, 30, and 33 inches.

The base is ready for penthouse installation. Most rope layouts can be accommodated
with the standard base. The customer must supply reeving details to insure rope

Imperial manufactures a complete line of motor generator sets for use with our gearless
machine. All machines are CSA listed and built Imperial tough.

  • Breakdown Crating
  • Class F Insulation
  • Split Frame - Option
  • Basement Mount
  • Side Mount
  • Stub Shaft
  • Encoder Mounting Kit


  • 591
  • 593
  • 596
  • 598