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Imperial Electric Elevator Traction Machines Brochure

Imperial Electric Elevator Motors Brochure


(including AC VVVF and DC) Frames 256TYZ through 405TYZ

Heavy duty, replacement motors for your existing machines.
Imperial Electric's line of AC and DC Flange Hoist Motors directly replace existing motors on virtually all popular machines. Imperial Electric motors are the definition of heavy duty construction, designed to provide reliable service year after year.


  • Long life expectancy
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Drop in replacement availability
  • Quiet operation
  • Available through 100 HP
  • Mounts for Flexible Couplings


  • Drip-proof enclosure
  • 600–1,800 rpm
  • Single and two bearing designs
  • Encoder and encoder mounting options
  • Hot rolled steel shafts
  • UL/CSA CUS Certified


  • Geared traction elevators
  • AC VVVF with encoders, low slip
  • AC across-the-line, high slip
  • AC 2-speed, high slip
  • DC shunt or compound wound