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Imperial Electric Frame 570 machines feature an extended chassis and a heavy duty outboard bearing support to easily accommodate the special load characteristics required for double-wrap roping configurations. With a maximum sheave shaft load of up to 40,000 pounds, power ratings to 55HP, and dual-coil, independent brakes applying Ft-lbs brake torque per side, these machines offer 2,750 pound capacity roped 1:1 or 5,000 pound capacity roped 2:1 with maximum speeds of 800 and 700 fpm respectively.


  • Capacity: 2,750 pounds (1:1) or 5,000 pounds (2:1)
  • Speeds ranging from 100 to 800 fpm 1:1 roping
  • Speeds ranging from 100 to 700 fpm 2:1 roping
  • U-groove, 20-inch diameter sheave
  • 12-1/2" grooves for up to 6-1/2" ropes, double wrap


  • Precise acceleration, deceleration, and contract speed control
  • Low noise, highly efficient
  • Compact and Green - no oil lubricants
  • Direct drive (no gears)
  • Totally enclosed, self-cooling, no fan required
  • Independent brake system holds 125% rated capacity
  • Complete hardware package eliminates on-site engineering calculation and fabrication of heavy base and beam structures
  • Sub-base with secondary sheave options
  • Machine weight: 3,000 pounds
  • Heidenhain ECN1313, 2048 ppr encoder provided


  • New construction and modernization
  • 1:1 and 2:1 roped installations, double wrap
  • Sheave shaft load is 40,000 lbs
  • Suspended load is 20,000 lbs - double wrap