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Quality Assurance Engineer

Responsibilities include: Comply with company and regulatory standards for safety, quality, and customer acceptance; review and monitor the quality control testing of electric motor materials, packaging, and products; review inspection procedures and audits performed by regulatory agencies; monitor and maintain procedures and documentation for product recall and tracking; and liaise with departments. Position may require visiting Imperial Electric customers and its sister companies. On average candidate may travel approximately 6 times per year for periods of 1-2 days.  Requirements: Must have a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or a closely related field. Must also have 18 months of experience as a Quality Assurance Engineer or Quality Engineer. Experience must be in testing of electronic components.  Employer will accept foreign degree equivalent to a US Bachelor’s Degree. 

Any applicant who is interested in this position may apply to the following individual for consideration:

Sheri Brown
Human Resources Manager
Imperial Electric Company
1503 Exeter Rd.
Akron, OH 44306

If hired, must provide document confirming authorization to work legally in the U.S.